Doncaster campaigners in call for rail footbridge

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Residents in a Doncaster village have got behind a campaign calling for a new footbridge due to the ‘inconvenience’ caused by a level crossing.

Justin Reynolds has set up a petition demanding that Network Rail install a pedestrian footbridge at Bentley train station.

Since the petition was launched earlier this month, hundreds of people have pledged their support for the campaign.

Mr Reynolds claims the level crossing at the station, which separates platforms one and two, causes hundreds of people to be held up every day due to the amount of time residents are kept waiting for trains to pass.

The PhD student told The Star: “I was kept waiting for between 15 and 20 minutes the other day because a freight train was passing.

“I missed my train to university because of it. Because my train was due on the other side, I couldn’t cross to get to the other platform.

“It happens all the time, you always see people kept waiting, who are being made late for work and the school run.

“And I think the community has just had enough of it now.

“You see footbridges being added at other local stations in Doncaster and it just feels like Network Rail have forgotten about Bentley.

“Health and safety is another reason why it would be good to get things changed there.

“Kids are always getting on to the tracks and it’s not safe.

“If there was a pedestrian crossing or a subway then they could make it more difficult to get on to the tracks from the platform, which would make it much safer for everyone.”

Mr Reynolds’ comments come after a 20-year-old Doncaster man died on the tracks at Bentley rail station after being hit by a train in the early hours of September 13.

A Network Rail spokesman said of the campaign group: “Although we have not yet been contacted directly by them, we are more than happy to meet with residents of Bentley to discuss their thoughts on how we could look to improve the crossing.”

A total of 248 people have signed the petition so far.

• For more information about Mr Reynolds’ campaign or to pledge your support for a new footbridge, visit the petition site online at