Doncaster animal sanctuary saves injured Archie

A Doncaster animal charity sprang into action to save the leg of an injured dog which was brought to it for help.

Monday, 10th October 2016, 11:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:24 pm
Archie the dog with Mayflower and Petplan representatives - the charity has donated £500 to the sanctuary

Archie arrived at Mayflower Animal Sanctuary in Bawtry in a state of neglect and pain, an old injury having been left untreated by his previous owner.

Without the facilities for serious rehabilitation, Archie faced the trauma of undergoing an amputation until Mayflower arranged for him to be adopted by a dog-lover and orthopaedic specialist, who was committed to saving his leg.

Sanctuary boss Jennie Foxall-Lord said of her organisation: “It’s a nice place to be if you’re a dog looking for a future.”

The sanctuary is currently sheltering 55 dogs and 39 cats.

The latest success for the charity comes as it celebrated a cash boost from the charity Petplan, which has donated £500 to have its logo put on the sanctuary’s sign.

Mayflower carries out home assessments before it allows animals it has been looking after to be adopted.

A Petplan spokesman paid tribute to the work of the centre and added: “Home visits are carried out diligently, and any prospective owner is invited to a seminar held by Mayflower’s expert ‘dog listeners’, who remain points of contact for every family who take on a rescue animal.

“Every day the committed staff at Mayflower are faced with traumatic cases like Archie’s.

“Their optimism and faith that these mistreated animals will find their forever homes is unfailing.”

Petplan’s head of marketing, Isabella von Mesterhazy, said as part of the arrangement, her organisation would provide four weeks’ free insurance to anyone rehoming a pet from the charity.

It is one of a number of animal rescue sites in Doncaster offering help to abandoned animals.

The RSPCA also runs a centre in Bawtry.

Visit Mayflower Animal Sanctuary for more information about the Mayflower Sanctuary.