Doncaster affordable homes plans spark row

News: Latest from The Star.
News: Latest from The Star.

CONTROVERSIAL plans to create dozens of cheap homes on council land across Doncaster could be approved tomorrow.

Doncaster Council planning committee is due to decide on the schemes which would potentially see 28 new low-cost homes built at three different sites across the borough.

But two of the sites have provoked concerns from residents already living nearby.

No-one has objected to plans for 14 new semis on what was previously Meadow Court, near Radburn Road in Rossington.

But concerns have been raised over plans to create four terraced houses close to them on land which was previously used as a children’s playground.

And plans for affordable housing on the site of garages at Newlands Close, Cantley, have raised concerns about congested roads.

Rossington Parish Council has objected to the plans for the terrace at Meadow Court because of the loss of public open space.

At present the area is fenced off, and contains sculptures of a dolphin and a tortoise, as well as a path, benches and grass.

The chairman of the Radburn Road Tenants’ and Residents’ Association has also opposed the plan because of the loss of open space. Another open space is planned, but there are concerns over its location.

He said he opposed the plan because of the loss of the open space as it was used a lot in the summer months.

But of letters sent to around 260 homes in the area, asking for views over the loss of the space, only 11 were returned with comments.

Only three people said they use the space every day, and six said they never used it. Six would be happy for the land to be built on.

Concerns over the plans for Newlands Close, Cantley, are from the council’s area manager for Cantley. As well as loss of parking spaces, there are concerns a more concealed parking area which would be created might lead to more anti-social behaviour from young drivers.