Don Your Way: Yoga, breakfast and cocktails and more strange sights you see on the trains

I spend a lot of my working life these days travelling on the train.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 8:17 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 8:23 am
Darren Burke has seen some weird and wonderful sights on the trains.

I’m not complaining about that, you will be pleased to hear (although when it all goes haywire you’ll more than likely here me choosing a few choice words to describe the state of services).

By and large, the journeys are relatively stress free and uneventful (apart from when someone takes a snap of you snoozing of course).

Darren Burke has seen some weird and wonderful sights on the trains.

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Anyway, I digress,

Invariably, you get to see the same old faces, the regular commuters, the ones you give a nod and wry smile to each morning to show recognition but take it no further than that,

Then occasionally, you get the odd curveballs thrown into your commute. People you have never clocked eyes on before and who provide you with some unexpected railway related entertainment.

I regularly see women doing their full make-up routine, cosmetics bags plonked firmly on the table and the full array of lipsticks and mascara (and even hair straighteners) wheeled out.

I can deal with that. I’ve seen people munching breakfast. Again, no problem with that, although the sight of a woman taking out a little box of cornflakes, a beaker full of milk and even a bowl and spoon was a first for the train.

I’ve seen a woman mix a cocktail, a family manhandling a huge flatpack wardrobe onto a tram, a guy with two budgies in a cage as his travelling companions and a child irritating an entire carriage using a toy that kept saying the exact same annoying phrase in a whiny American accent for a full 45 minutes.

However, the other day, I saw something to top them all.

A woman, dressed mostly in lycra and looking every inch the gym bunny with her water bottle and headphones, leapt aboard at Conisbrough.

As the train rattled on towards its destination, she took up space in the vestibule near the doors, plonked herself by the doors and launched into a full on exercise routine.

It began with a few sit-ups, then some stretches before finally leaping to her feet, using one of the poles by the doors and finishing off with a few yoga moves.

The rest of the carriage looked on in amazement before she jumped off the train at Swinton and disappeared, presumably in search of a gym or some other such exercise palace.

I can barely open my eyes in the morning, so fair play to this particular individual for putting the rest of his slouching over our phones and tablets to shame for a truly lively way to start the day.

They do say all ‘human life is here’ and so it would seem. I look forward to more odd sights.