Don’t let Aldham be a killing field

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RECKLESS drivers are putting kids’ lives in danger by skidding across a play park as a short cut.

People who live near Aldham field – off Roy Kilner Lane, in Wombwell – fear there will be a fatality unless the speeding cars are stopped in their tracks.

The Playbuilder scheme children’s park, that was funded by a Government grant of £100,000, is almost completed and has an adjacent multi-use games area.

Coun Dick Wraith said: “Residents have complained to me about the driving across the field and it does need sorting out now, before the play park is properly in use.

“There is fencing around the site but we need to extend it to put a stop to the trespassing. We can’t have children put at risk, under any circumstances.”

The play park’s development was put in jeopardy when Barnsley Council began its first round of budget cuts, but was later confirmed as a result of the incoming grant.