DNA test launch

A UNIQUE DNA testing service which offers paternity tests is to be available at a Kilnhurst pharmacy for the first time.

BioClinics is the only clinical service in the UK which offers DNA paternity tests for men who want to find out if they are the father of their child.

The company has now launched the service at SKF Lo chemists across Yorkshire, including one at Kilnhurst.

This move comes after alarming statistics revealed that, on average in the UK, two in every five men involved in a paternity test receive a negative result, telling them they are not the biological father of the child tested.

BioClinics have also plegded to provide face-to-face counselling to people who are faced with having to take a paternity test.

Dr Nichola McChrystal, director of BioClinics, said: “We have been working with local pharmacies in order to offer the public DNA tests in a responsible, supportive yet convenient way.

“Pharmacies have given their time to undergo training so that they can provide clients with private face-to-face consultation and sample taking.

“This is the way tests should be handled. It’s not right to ask families, already in vulnerable situations, to undertake complicated life-changing tests using ‘do it yourself’ swab kits, without any support in place.”

“Clients fumble their way through the test without any face-to-face support.

“They then come to us, paying out more money, just to put their minds at rest.”

BioClinics has handled thousands of tests over the last five years and has opened in Yorkshire in response to the recognised demand for a professional, peace of mind service.

Dave Beal, operations manager for SKF Lo pharmacies, said: “We are delighted to be working with BioClinics.

“It is critical that clients get the best level of service in order to promote confidence in their test result.

“It is only then that individuals and families move on.

“People think they can look at other options but without a professional test, including face-to-face consultation and support, test participants are less equipped to deal with the life-changing results they receive.”

BioClinics work in partnership with Alpha Biolaboratories, one of the few laboratories in the country to be assessed by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the international testing standard.

David Thomas, managing director of Alpha Biolaboratories, said: “The level of laboratory excellence we provide in conjunction with the consultation and support offered by the DNA clinics means that we are providing an unrivalled service in this sector whether for legal purposes or for information for a family.”

For further information visit www.dnaclinics.co.uk