diet fad is All fingers and thumbs to me

Controlling portion sizes is important for healthy eating.
Controlling portion sizes is important for healthy eating.

I’ve often felt like the secret to losing weight is just at my fingertips but now it appears my hands themselves may be the key to achieving that bikini body.

Forget the weighing scales according to a new diet it’s our hand scale that we should be paying more attention too.

The hand diet is all about portion control using your fingers, thumbs and palms to measure your food intake.

And if like me you spent the majority of Christmas with your hand in a tin of chocolates then you may be tempted to give this one a whirl.

It sounds straight forward enough, no faddy recipes or cutting out certain food groups, just simply follow the portion guides.

A portion of meat should be no bigger than the palm of your hand and carbs such as pasta should be no bigger than a clenched fist.

A serving of butter is the size of a fingertip and cheese less than two fingers.

I understand why this diet has been conjured up as the majority of people eat five times the recommended serving of pasta for example.

I am 99 per cent sure I am one of these. I always end up cooking enough pasta to feed a small country.

So I thought I’d give this method a whirl.

I initially considered befriending a giant to help me. Maybe I could draft his hands in to do my food measurements?

Realising I couldn’t hold a large-handed friend hostage throughout the weigh loss experiment I decided I would have to use my own significantly smaller hands.

After a few days of practically dislocating my own fingers in a bid to stretch out my hands as wide as they would reach I realised this was not the way forward for me.

With research revealing that portion sizes have doubled in 20 years I can appreciate the theory behind this weight loss approach.

But in practice a fingertip sized portion of butter to spread on my toast is no way to live as far as I’m concerned.

Although we only have ourselves to blame for the majority of portion abuse scenarios, it doesn’t help when our favourite items continue to grow in size.

Many items are as much as double the size they were in the 90s including a shepherd’s pie meal and even bagels have increased in size by over 20 per cent.

But we all know the real secret to losing weight is in fact common knowledge and not exactly rocket science. Eat less, exercise more.

So why do I sometimes feel like I’ve got more chance of joining the astronauts at NASA than shifting a few pounds?