Demolition work begins in Barnsley

Demolition work is due to begin today
Demolition work is due to begin today

A bulldozer moved into Barnsley today as part of the town centre redevelopment scheme.

Kendray Street bridge, a town centre feature for over 30 years, will be razed to the ground today.

Zero Ice, the Market Parade footbridge, the multi-storey car park and the markets offices are among the town centre features to also be demolished as part of the multi-million scheme.

Councillor Roy Miller, a Barnsley Council cabinet member, said: “This is a really exciting development in our plans to create a better Barnsley.

"We’re creating a better town centre, to attract more visitors, create more jobs, and make Barnsley a better place to live, work and visit.

“We are creating space for new retailers, cafes and restaurants, promoting a leisure lifestyle and attracting visitors.”

All the concrete created by the demolition will be recycled into construction aggregate for re- use in and around Barnsley.

Steel from the demolished structures will also be recycled.