Dearne to host first social supermarket

Christine Lee (left) and volunteers at the Goldthorpe Food Bank.
Christine Lee (left) and volunteers at the Goldthorpe Food Bank.

The UK’s cheapest supermarket is set to open in Goldthorpe, offering shoppers cut-price food from major stores.

Prices of goods in the ‘social supermarket’ could be up to a third lower than normal, but will not be available to everyone.

Shoppers will need to own membership cards, and these will be given only to families that are seen to be in hardship.

The news should be a welcome boost for hard working volunteers at the Salvation Army’s food bank in the town, who see an ever-increasing demand for food parcels in the area.

Stock for the new supermarket will come from shops such as Marks and Spencer, Morrisons and Ocado.

Sarah Dunwell, who is in charge of the project in the Barnsleyn area, said: “We’ll have staples such as sugar, pasta and rice but also more expensive goods such as French cheeses, ready-made lasagne and desserts and household products. It takes stuff that will not make it to supermarket shelves and uses it to feed people who need it most.”

Many discarded items are not past sell-by dates.

Sarah added: “While we have people in the UK going hungry it is wrong such foods should be thrown away,”

Leaflets publicising the scheme have been delivered through letterboxes in Goldthorpe, which is being targeted because of its serious poverty.

Five hundred families will be selected to join the scheme for an initial six months.

Twenty more such stores, six of them in London, are planned for the UK next year. There are over 1000 in Spain and Greece.