Dearne exercise class launched for cancer patients


A fitness instructor is launching new exercise classes to help people from across the Dearne recovering from treatment for breast cancer.

Suzanne Davies, a sports therapist and clinical pilates tutor, runs classes at community venues across the district with an emphasis on fun as well as fitness. She is now encouraging people in Mexborough to come forward if they would like to take part.

She said pilates improves strength and stability through repetitive, low-impact exercises and is one of only a few fitness programmes to suit people of all abilities, making it ideal for people affected by illness or injury.

She said: “You can’t change what happens to people but you can put the normal functions back together again and actually have a lot of fun doing it. It’s a gradual process but being able to carry out tasks that we all take for granted like getting dressed easily or reaching up to a shelf isn’t too much to ask and can be achieved so I’m hoping people will get in touch to find out more.”

She added: “Moderate exercise is also medically proven to be at least as effective as anti-depressants at combating stress and aiding relaxation and pilates is fantastic for boosting the immune system.”

Her one-hour Rehab 2 Reshape classes run at various locations in the area. For more information contact 07787 158180.