Dearne area - No future for Wombwell Baths

WOMBWELL Baths campaigners met with Barnsley Council and Barnsley Premier Leisure leaders this week... to be told there is NO possibility of a future re-opening.

Council leader Steve Houghton said the meeting was “amicable”, adding: “Every issue was laid down on the table, and the two people who headed the campaign for Wombwell Baths were able to see that the problems there were such that it had to close.

“Keeping it open would have involved digging the baths up to reset it again. It needed a huge amount of work.

“There has been criticism about the amount of money to be spent on the Metrodome, but that is being funded by a commercial loan taken out by BPL – not by the council. The profit made at that one site keeps the other baths around Barnsley open.”

The leader added that future efforts for Wombwell will now centre on community facilities at the new ALC currently being built at Darfield. And he confirmed that plans for an extension to Wombwell Library – where former Town Hall workers will be housed in future – are still current.