Dear o-dour!

REAL STINKER: the waste plant at Denaby Main.
REAL STINKER: the waste plant at Denaby Main.

THE OPERATORS of a sewage plant in Denaby Main have vowed to improve odour controls – after a flood of complaints from residents about foul smells plaguing the area.

The hot Spring has brought a “horrible stench” from Yorkshire Water’s Denaby Lane water treatment facility.

But the company has moved to quell locals’ anger – by saying it is “developing a solution to help reduce odours at the site”.

Residents across Mexborough says the pong has ruined their air, since the facility opened.

Rebekah Gamewell, 37, of Church Street, said: “We have lived here for four years, and the smell has been bad ever since it opened. It’s been horrible at times.”

Norman Cunliffe, 64, who lives just around the corner, added: “It’s particularly bad in the hot weather. It comes and goes, but when its bad, its really bad, and it lasts for days.

“It puts you off sitting in the back garden... sometimes it absolutely reeks.”

And Bill and Wendy Green said residents have long complained that odours drift down as far as Doncaster Road.

They said: “It is really bad when the wind blows this way, and the problem has been here ever since they opened.

“You would have thought they would have been able to control the stench by now.

“When they first opened it, they said there would be no smell coming from it – but there definitely is.”

Yorkshire Water admitted this week that there had been reports of bad odours for some years.

Soon after the plant underwent £14m worth of modernisation, the company launched an investigation in 2009, amid claims that raw sewage was leaking from the plant.

But they vowed this week that a solution would be implemented as soon as possible.

A spokesman said: “We recognise that there have been a number of reports of odours coming from our works over the last few years, and we would like to reassure customers that this is something that we take very seriously indeed.

“Because of the nature of their role, there is always the possibility of odours escaping from waste water treatment works – but that’s not to say that Yorkshire Water doesn’t recognise these can be viewed as a serious issue by those who experience them.

“We always strive to be a good neighbour and we’re currently developing a solution which we hope will help to reduce any odours at the site, with a view to implementing this as soon as we can.

“We would like to thank local residents for their ongoing patience, and reassure them we’re working hard to develop a solution which we hope will help to improve the situation.”