Dame Diana adopts a Doncaster accent for a turn in Dr Who

Matt Smith as The Doctor. Picture: PA Photo/Adrian Rogers/BBC.
Matt Smith as The Doctor. Picture: PA Photo/Adrian Rogers/BBC.

Doncaster based Dr Who fans might notice something familiar about this Saturday’s episode.

Based around a Yorkshire Victorian factory owner, Winifred Gillyflower, The Crimson Horror sees Dame Diana Rigg play the evil villainess with a Doncaster accent.

Originally from the area, Dame Diana, of Avengers and James Bond fame, appears in the episode alongside favorite characters, Vastra, the Sapphic Silurian, Sontaran Strax and lady’s maid Jenny.

The episode centres around Ms Gillyflower’s plan for the world and the mystery of her blind daughter Ava, played by Diana’s real daughter, Rachael Stirling.

The Doctor’s companion Clara, aka Jenna-Louise Coleman, could cause some confusion for the time lord’s Victorian pals, as they believe they saw her die in Christmas episode The Snowmen.

Writer, Mark Gatiss, said: “I’d already started work on a story about one of those idealised Victorian mill communities and tailored it to suit Diana and Rachael.

“I wanted to do a properly northern Who – it’s underexplored in the show – and Diana used her native Doncaster accent for the first time!”

The Crimson Horror will air on 1 May at 18.30pm.

Fans of the show can expect a Sherlock Holmes type mystery.