Damage to Epworth home costs thousands of pounds

Lorry crash on Burnham Road, Epworth.
Lorry crash on Burnham Road, Epworth.

A lorry which ploughed into an Epworth home has caused £44,000 worth of damage - and the road will be closed for two weeks so the mess can be put right.

It’s the second time in as many years that the property at the corner of Burnham Road and High Street has been severely damaged by vehicles trying to get round the corner.

Now resident Katherine Dyson has urged Epworth Town Council at their latest meeting to press for changes to the junction to make it safer.

“If something’s not done, then this will happen again,” she said.

“I want the support of North Lincolnshire Council to look at improved safety at that junction. I have a personal interest in safety at the junction, and I’m happy to talk about any changes.”

Coun Bob Fish, who lives further up the road, said it was necessary to live there to see just how dangerous a road it was.

He said: “It is one of the busiest roads in North Lincolnshire, and has the most speeding offences.” He added that the barriers put up around the damaged Dyson home had been dragged round the corner by a tanker within 24 hours. “What if that had been a person?” he said.

He urged that the town shouldn’t be given up to ‘worship of the four-wheeled vehicle’ and called for consideration of weight restrictions, a one-way system, more traffic lights, slower traffic, and level footpaths.

At the moment the family is living in just half of the house, with the damaged half boarded up to separate it from the ‘good’ side. Ms Dyson told councillors the cost of the damage had been covered by insurance so far, but she feared there would come a time when the property would be uninsurable.