Culvert cleared to reduce flooding risk

ENVIRONMENT Agency officers have cleared over 12 tonnes of debris from a culvert in Conisbrough as part of a project to reduce the risk of flooding.

Work on a culvert at Kearsley Brook finished last month to reduce the risk of flooding to 21 properties.

Culverts are structures which carry water underground and were often built to allow development to take place in the area around them. Many people live and work near culverts without knowing they are there.

The clearing at Conisbrough was part of a major scheme which started in January to improve around 800 damaged culverts across Yorkshire.

The project has cost in region of £60, 000 and work involved clearing vegetation from the channel, repairs to walls and roof and replacing a leaking sewer pipe.

Project Manager Glenn Fieldhouse said: “It is important for culverts to be checked regularly, because if they get blocked, they can be a significant cause of localised flooding to home owners and businesses.

“We’ve collected 12 tonnes of debris and vegetation during our work in Conisbrough.

“Small watercourses like Kearsley Brook can easily become blocked with rubbish, especially at culverts or bridges.

“This not only increases the risk of flooding but also impacts on fish and wildlife.

“If you notice any blockages in your local river please report them to us.”