Crowle twins grease up the dance floor - aged two

Thomas and Max Wright of Crowle, aged two
Thomas and Max Wright of Crowle, aged two

Tiny dancers Thomas and Max Wright are all ready tipped for a bright future in the ballroom.

The twins from Crowle were given top marks in their first dance examination. At the age of just two they were the youngest pupils to have been taught to such a standard at the Nigel Scott School of Dance in Scunthorpe.

Their accomplishment is even more remarkable given that the boys were born prematurely at 29 weeks, weighing just 2lbs 2ozs (Max) and 2 lbs 7ozs (Thomas). Their development in all aspects is expected to be delayed by three months, but they are ahead of all expectations.

Mum Jackie Wright said the boys started dancing almost as soon as they started to walk.

She added: “They get so excited about their classes. I think it’s good for them to have discipline from another adult in a different setting too.”

To earn their Uni-Teddy first dance certificate awarded by the UKA, the boys had to impress with walks and points. Their examiner, who was from Manchester, said the twins “could go a long way,” if their interest continues.

Jackie, 29, has not danced herself since the age of 12, but her mum and sister are both accomplished dancers.

She said: “I am really proud of the boys and thankful to Nigel for his hard work.

Tutor Nigel added: “Max and Thomas are the youngest pupils I have entered in the examination. I am very proud of their achievement and we are now moving to the next stage.

“The boys are a little unpredictable at times but a joy to work with and always smiling.”

Jackie calls her non-identical sons her ‘little miracles’. They were seven weeks old before she was allowed to bring them home from hospital as babies.

Max and Thomas attend the Secret Garden Nursery in Ealand.

Their next challenge on the dance floor is to conquer four consecutive waltz steps.

“I’m amazed by what they’ve done. Who knows - it could be a case of London calling yet....” , laughed their mum.

The twins were born by crash caesarian section at Jessops Hospital, Sheffield, on July 5 2012.

It was 12 hours before they could breathe alone. Thomas underwent a blood transfusion due to low iron and Max suffered eye problems as a result of being premature.

When they were finally allowed to go home they still weighed only 3 lbs 13 ozs and 3lbs 14 ozs.