Youngsters warned over car incidents

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NEWS: News.

YOUNGSTERS were issued with warning letters for hurling snowballs at moving cars on Doncaster’s roads during the recent cold snap, it has been revealed.

Police and other agencies took the action because of concerns the acts could cause a serious crash.

Among hotspots for the problem were the Everingham Road and Green Boulevard shops area in Cantley, where the problem has been raised by residents and been made a priority by the Bessacarr and Cantley Partners and Community Together meetings, which is a forum for crime and anti-social order issues.

Now, with temperatures set to plunge below zero overnight in the next few days, police are urging people to be sensible if the snow does return.

Sgt Russell Higham said the force had received complaints about snowballing in the area, and had taken steps to deal with it.

He said: “We put together an operation to deal with this, with overt and covert patrols at key times.

“We spoke to youths about it. We know snowballing is fun for kids and is always going to happen, but when snowballs are being aimed at moving vehicles we have to draw the line.

“Bolton Hill has also been an area where this has been happening.”

He said a number of ‘acceptable behaviour contracts’ had been issued to youngsters, with the assistance of Doncaster Council.

Acceptable behaviour contracts are a voluntary written agreement between a youngster, the local authority and police. Under the contract, the youngster agrees not to be involved with certain specified anti-social acts. They can later be used in evidence if the problem persists.

Sgt Higham added he was keen to get the message through to youngsters that, if more snow arrives, police will take action to stop snowballing causing serious issues.

Officers have also been concerned after finding discarded laser pens in the same area where the snowballing was happening.

But they stress there have been no reports of anyone using such items anti-socially there.