Workers walk together

a PARISH council has been accused of operating like a ‘secret society’ for refusing to list the phone numbers of the 13 members so residents can contact them.

Bradfield Parish Council says people should contact its clerk who forwards queries to councillors, or contact them by email.

Former parish councillor Mike Bancroft said the system was ‘unsatisfactory’ and asked the council to reconsider. But members voted to continue the practice.

Mr Bancroft said: “When I was on the council, members’ numbers were listed as they are for all other local councils in this area and probably every council in the UK.

“This system is most unsatisfactory; many won’t have email.

“If people put up for the council they should be prepared to have numbers published so they can be easily contacted, rather than acting like a secret society.”

Council chairman Karen Southwood, said: “I am happy for my details to be made public. But the majority of members have voted to not reveal numbers. They feel the present system is satisfactory.”