VIDEO: Doncaster drivers ‘tempting’ thieves

Mobile phones, sat navs and even an iPad are among the items Doncaster drivers left on display for thieves yesterday.

Officers from South Yorkshire Police carried out an operation targeting drivers who tempted thieves by leaving their valuables on display in their cars.

CRIME: Crime scene.

CRIME: Crime scene.

The team patrolled four car parks yesterday and out of 596 cars at least half of them had been left with items on show.

PCSO Adam Bates said: “There’s been sat navs, sat nav holders, mobile phones, hand bags, purses, money - anything really that could tempt someone to break into your car and take it.

“We have left a leaflet on the cars showing how to keep drivers safe in future – and any members of the public we have seen getting out of their cars have been advised to take items out of their car or hide them in the boot or somewhere they can’t be seen. We’ve generally been trying to make people more vigilant.”

On yesterday’s patrols of car parks around the market, Minster and Frenchgate Centre, some 36 car stereos, six mobile phones, eight sat navs, 13 sat nav cradles, £15 in loose change and an iPad were found. Other items on show included credit cards, gift cards, a sports bag, football boots, loose change, ladies’ shoes, Christmas crackers and a Leeds United football scarf.

One car was found unlocked and two had been left with their windows down.

The action was taken as part of Operation Lockdown, a South Yorkshire Police campaign to encourage residents to secure their homes and protect their vehicles.