Trees destroyed by vandals in Barnsley

Tree sawn through in Elsecar Park, Barnsley
Tree sawn through in Elsecar Park, Barnsley

Thirty-five trees have been damaged beyond repair in a ‘truly disgraceful’ attack of ‘mindless vandalism’.

The trees – some semi-mature of more than 30 years’ standing, others planted only last year – were destroyed deliberately by a thug wielding a handsaw.

Tree felled on Milton Road in Barnsley

Tree felled on Milton Road in Barnsley

Some of the trunks were cut almost fully through, while other trees were butchered and then pushed over and snapped.

None of the trees can be saved and will have to be removed. Councillor Roy Miller, Barnsley Council’s cabinet spokesperson for environment and culture said: “I can’t believe that an individual or group would commit such a mindless act, spoiling areas for members of the public. It is a truly disgraceful act of vandalism.”

The trees were targeted in Elsecar Park, Barnsley, as well as on Clough Fields Road, Wharncliffe Close and Milton Road, Hoyland.

“This wanton vandalism was indiscriminate with regards to the size or age of the trees,” said Coun Miller.

“The youngest tree was about six years old, although planted within the last year, and semi-mature trees of 30 years or so were also targeted.

“Many of the trees hadn’t been cut all the way through, but had been sawn so deeply as to leave them unstable. Residents are up in arms, as am I.”

The destruction has been reported to police.