South Yorkshire Police driving ahead with green scheme

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Police chiefs in South Yorkshire have become the first police force to join a scheme that helps to improve transport-related air quality.

The scheme - Eco Stars - encourages vehicle fleet operators to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

South Yorkshire Police has so far had 162 vans and larger vehicles rated by the scheme’s industry experts who assess their operational and environmental performance.

The force has received a three star rating and is now working towards the top five star status available.

Sarah Gilding, Head of Vehicle Fleet Management for South Yorkshire Police, said: “It’s important that large organisations like South Yorkshire Police work in an environmentally responsible manner to enhance the lives of the communities we serve and to protect the natural environment.

“As a force we are committed to encouraging greener travel and to maximising the efficiency of our vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint. Becoming the first police force in the UK to be part of the Eco Stars scheme demonstrates this commitment.”

Morag White, Eco Stars’ Fleet Consultant, said: “The Eco Stars team were impressed with the operational and management practices that South Yorkshire Police had already implemented and encouraged about the introduction of some greener vehicles into the fleet.”