South Yorkshire murder case plea 50 years on

murder victim - Anne Dunwell
murder victim - Anne Dunwell

A grieving woman has made an emotional appeal to find the killer of her schoolgirl sister, 50 years to the day after her brutal murder.

Anne Dunwell, aged 13, was on her way home when she was sexually assaulted and strangled with her own stockings.

Anne Dunwellm, right, and older sister Irene (now Irene Hall) and sister - 12 sept-02

Anne Dunwellm, right, and older sister Irene (now Irene Hall) and sister - 12 sept-02

Her naked body was left at the foot of a manure heap near Maltby in Rotherham.

Today her older sister, Irene Hall, has spoken of how she is still unable to get closure until South Yorkshire’s oldest murder case is solved.

Irene, aged 68, who now lives in Worcestershire, said: “My father always wanted to know who could do such a thing before he passed away, but he never got to know.

“I’d like to see the killer brought to justice too, but I’m not getting any younger. If I don’t the burden will fall to my children.”

“My family and I have been robbed of watching Anne grow up, get married and have children.

“We are only left with the memories of a happy young girl who did not deserve to be taken from us at such a young age, and the question why. Why did this have to happen to Anne?

“People often speak about time being a healer. But I can honestly say, after 50 years have passed, time does not heal.”

Irene is calling upon anyone with information about Anne’s death to speak up.

Anne had visited her aunt in Bramley on the evening of Wednesday, May 6, 1964, and was due to have spent the night there. But she decided to return home to Whiston to be with her grandmother, who would otherwise have been alone.

She set off at about 9.15pm to catch the bus - but never made it home. Her body was found the next day, off Carr Lane, in between the villages of Carr and Slade Hooton.

Hundreds of officers have worked on the murder case, including in more recent years following developments in forensic technology.

The case has featured regularly on the BBC’s Crimewatch, which has resulted in a large number of men being eliminated from the inquiry.

Det Supt Richard Fewkes, who is leading the case, said: “The tragic murder of Anne Dunwell, albeit 50 years ago, should never be forgotten. We will investigate any new information that comes to light as a result of this appeal by Anne’s family.”

Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111.