South Yorkshire men urged to use domestic violence disclosure scheme

Only one man in South Yorkshire has used ‘Clare’s Law’ to find out of a partner has a history of domestic abuse, compared to 73 women.

The domestic violence disclosure scheme was set up following the murder of Claire Wood by an abusive partner in 2009.

It gives men and women the right to ask police to disclose a partner’s background if they have a history of violence.

Ian McNicholl, from the ManKind Initiative, a charity which supports male victims of domestic abuse, believes many men do not believe the scheme is available to them.

Her said the name could suggest that only women have the right to ask for disclosure.

“This life changing legislation is available to men right across South Yorkshire and they should be encouraged to come forward and seek help from the police,” he said.

“Please make the request to the police, alternatively, speak to friends and family and ask them to make the request on your behalf.”