South Yorkshire man nets £3,000 from energy giant npower

Barry Payling at his home in Rawmarsh who has sued NPower twice
Barry Payling at his home in Rawmarsh who has sued NPower twice

A South Yorkshire man has successfully sued npower for £3,000 – the second time he has taken on an energy giant and won.

Barry Payling, aged 62, of Main Street, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, sued the company twice after receiving letters and phone calls demanding money he did not owe.

Barry used experience gained when he took on British Gas in 2010 and won £2,000, logging every phone call and letter he sent and sued them for his time.

The photographer began getting letters demanding money last July, addressed to the former tenants of a home which he rents out in South Street, Rawmarsh.

Barry contacted npower and was told he did not owe them money.

He demanded compensation from them when the letters continued.

After it was refused, he took them to court and won £450.

But the letters continued, and Barry was ordered to attend court to defend his case.

He was forced to cancel work, only to discover on the day that npower was not pursuing court action.

Barry’s request for further compensation was again refused, so he sued again – and won £2,500.When npower did not pay, Barry notified enforcement officers who went to their head office in Wiltshire and obtained the money.

He feels energy companies rely on people giving in.

“However, I can assure you it’s worth the aggravation because, between them, British Gas and npower are paying all my gas bills at the moment and for the next few years,” he said.

An npower spokesman said Barry’s case was not defended to avoid him further inconvenience.

He added the company paid the money, but was not aware Barry had not received it before an enforcement officer arrived.