South Yorkshire girl stole from her own gran

Stacey Bann - who stole thousands of pounds from her grandmother
Stacey Bann - who stole thousands of pounds from her grandmother

A woman stole her grandmother’s £35,000 life savings – and spent the money on drugs and clothes.

Stacey Bann, aged 23, siphoned the cash from wheelchair-bound 89-year-old Noreen Cunnington’s bank accounts.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, said Mrs Cunnington had dementia.

Bann obtained her grandmother’s bank details last March and set up a bogus bank account in Mrs Cunnington’s name.

On 23 occasions Bann transferred cash from her grandmother’s account to the bogus one before moving it again to her own account.

The victim’s savings went from £38,714 to just a few thousand pounds in five months.

Bann shrugged off her family’s questions about her new clothes by saying she could afford them on her apprentice plasterer’s wages.

When her father noticed £9,000 had disappeared from Mrs Cunnington’s accounts, Bann said her grandmother had given it to her.

By August Bann had quit her job but was still ‘flush with money’.

“Both her parents expressed shock that she did this to her own grandmother,” said Miss Gallagher.

The victim, who now lives in a care home, told police she was ‘upset and annoyed’ at what had happened.

Bann, of Heather Walk, Bolton-on-Dearne, Rotherham, admitted fraud.

Judith Seaborne, defending, said Bann had been depressed after a relationship ended and because she was living on benefits.

“She’s quite simply disgusted with herself and wants to repay the money,” said Mrs Seaborne. “There’s no reason or excuse she can offer.”

Jailing Bann for a year, Judge Julian Goose said: “Over five months you obtained £35,340 from your vulnerable and elderly grandmother.

“It was a determined and committed attempt to take money without her knowledge. You knew your grandma would not check, and was suffering the early stages of dementia.”