Rotherham woman jailed for stealing from pensioner


A South Yorkshire woman who stole a vacuum cleaner and mobile phone from two victims she knew has been jailed for 34 weeks and fined £680.

Jodie Johnson, aged 25, of Acacia Avenue, Maltby, Rotherham, admitted two counts of theft from a dwelling when she appeared before magistrates in the town.

The court heard that on Friday, April 10, Johnson visited the home of a friend’s mother – a 79-year-old woman, who was in bed at the time.

Johnson, along with a male accomplice, knocked on the door and entered the pensioner’s home.

Magistrates were told that a short time later the two crooks were seen leaving the property with a £300 vacuum cleaner.

On Wednesday, April 15 , Johnson visited a friend to ask for help unblocking her mobile phone.

Her friend agreed to try to help and Johnson stayed at his house for a couple of hours as he attempted to fix the phone.

But when the man said that he was unable to successfully unblock the mobile, Johnson picked up her friend’s £100 phone and ran out of the property.

Officers arrested Johnson on Manor Road in Maltby the following day and charged her with the two theft offences.

She pleaded guilty to both counts at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court on Friday, April 17.

Sergeant Pete Longthorne, who investigated both offences, said: “We believe that Johnson was desperate for cash to fund her drug addiction and she chose her victims because of their vulnerability.

“South Yorkshire Police will continue to take a firm stance on all individuals breaking the law and we hope that this case serves as a warning to those considering criminal behaviour.”