Rotherham man given ten year sexual prevention order


A Rotherham man has been handed a 10-year court order restricting his contact with children under 16.

Mudasser Hussain, of Holmes in Rotherham, was given the Sexual Harm Prevention Order after police were told he was engaging in potentially harmful behaviour that put young people at risk.

The 26-year-old did not appear at the hearing at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court when the order was granted.

Under the order, which protects the public or an individual from serious sexual harm, Hussain is prevented from having any unsupervised contact with children unless criteria are met.

Superintendent Paul McCurry said: “Obtaining court orders like this further demonstrates our commitment to the protection of children across our region.

“Measures like this are another tool at our disposal to prevent individuals committing offences and to provide us with a way of monitoring behaviour and restricting activity. In this case, this individual has to meet certain requirements for 10 years otherwise he will be brought before the courts again.

“Sometimes, we may receive information about an individual that unfortunately may not be enough to arrest them. This new legislation gives us additional powers that means we can enforce certain restrictions, even if we are unable to bring criminal charges.”

Supt McCurry said the force was publicising the case to send out ‘a strong message’ to any individual engaging in the sexual exploitation of children.