‘Reporting a crime? Keep your nose out...’

Police told a Mexborough good Samaritan it was “not her concern” when she reported an alleged robbery on a frail pensioner... because she did not know the victim!

The woman, from the Windhill area, said she was stunned by the reaction after she reported her concerns about an elderly stranger – who said he had been mugged at a town cash-point.

In a telephone call that she answered in the presence of Times staff, the woman repeated back to the officer: “It’s not my concern because he’s not someone I know?

“You’re asking why I’ve reported it – it’s because it’s in my community and I’m concerned about him”.

After it the woman – who asked not to be named – said: “I was concerned for this man because he seemed really vulnerable and said he had been mugged.

“I was in two minds about ringing the police, but I never thought I’d get this response.”

But a South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman claimed: “The police officer explained that they were investigating the incident and he couldn’t give her any further details as she wasn’t related to the man.

“South Yorkshire Police are grateful to anybody who reports incidents to them.”

But the woman countered: “The tone of the officer’s voice was ‘keep your nose out’.

“I’m not sorry I rang though, and I would do so again.”