Pregnant woman’s dog attack ordeal

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A HEAVILY pregnant woman had to fight off a loose dog which mauled her pet labrador as they walked to a Sheffield park.

Hannah Anvil, aged 25, was walking along a path leading to a park behind a new housing estate in Handsworth when the Alsatian ran at her dog and began attacking it.

She said the dog came racing from a nearby industrial unit after escaping though a gap in a fence.

Hannah, who is seven months pregnant, said she was ‘knocked about’ by the dog as it attacked three-year-old Toby.

A passer-by alerted by Hannah’s screams managed to fight the dog off, but Toby needed to be rushed to a vet after suffering a number of puncture wounds.

The dog attack is being investigated by police along with another on the same path a month earlier, in which an Alsatian attacked two dogs and their owner.

Hannah said: “This happened on a public path leading to a park where local children play - I want something done before it has chance to do this to any other dogs, or even a child.

“If it turns out to be a guard dog then legislation states they have to be properly secured within the unit and restrained, and guard dogs are only allowed to be kept where the handler is able to control them.”

Paul Steel 42, who lives near Hannah, said his family pets were also attacked by an Alsatian as he walked along the same path, off Finchwell Road, Handsworth, a month earlier.

He said: “It was trying to take chunks out of my biggest dog and I got injured trying to get it off - I was bitten and hurt my leg, arm, hand and thumb.

“The Alsatian picked up my smaller dog and ran off with it into some bushes and my bigger dog ran off so I was stood there covered in blood thinking that I had lost both pets.

“I found the smaller one in a traumatised state, but alive, and the other had managed to find its way home.

“This could have been a child.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said the police and RSPCA had been alerted.

Officers have visited the path on a number of occasions to try to find the dog.

The spokeswoman said: “Police were alerted to an incident, which occurred on Finchwell Road, Handsworth, involving a dog attack on another dog.

“The incident occurred as a local woman was walking her dog at around 7.20am. Another dog that was unsupervised and described as an Alsatian attacked the woman’s dog.

“Officers from the Woodhouse and Mosborough Safer Neighbourhood Team are looking into the matter and have spoken with the complainant giving advice.

“Enquiries are ongoing and police would urge anyone with any information or believes they witnessed the incident to call South Yorkshire Police.”

n Call 0114 220 2020 and quote incident 188 of August 10, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.