Police stations to have mental health staff

Andy Holt
Andy Holt

Police stations and courts in South Yorkshire will all have mental health professionals based in them from April.

The Liaison and Diversion service is aimed at ensuring those who enter the criminal justice system with mental health conditions, learning disabilities and other vulnerabilities are recognised and referred to other services to get the treatment or support they need.

South Yorkshire’s Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt said: “We welcome the announcement that South Yorkshire will be one of the trial areas for a Liaison and Diversion service.

“It will be a vital tool in ensuring people with mental health issues and other vulnerabilities receive the support they need when they come into contact with police and will ultimately help to reduce re-offending rates and save lives.”

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings added: “The introduction of a Liaison and Diversion service is a positive step in the right direction. This funding is crucial in ensuring anyone with mental health or learning disabilities receive the help and support they need as early as possible.”