Police child grooming warning

Detective Superintendent Phil Etheridge
Detective Superintendent Phil Etheridge

A top South Yorkshire cop has urged Doncaster’s parents to look out for signs that their children are being groomed for sex.

Temporary detective superintendent Phil Etheridge,curerently in charge of the county’s team tackling child sexual exploitation was speaking at a briefing about how child sexual exploitation is being tackled by South Yorkshire Police after the force came in for criticism last year.

He said: “What parents should be looking for is a change in behaviour. Most teenagers change to some extent but are they coming back with gifts they can’t afford? have they got a new phone that’s internet ready? have they changed their physical appearance? “All children want to experiment in their teenage years to achieve adulthood but I’m talking about massive changes - is your innocent 12-year-old girl dressing inappropriately for her age?”

“Watch for your child being withdrawn. We know these criminals start to victimise girls and withdraw them from their friends.”