Pickpockets at Doncaster market alert

Mansfield attack
Mansfield attack

A spate of purse snatches at Doncaster Market has led to an alert from police over the dangers of pickpockets.

Officers revealed there had been a number of incidents, after it emerged that two pensioners both fell victim to thieves on the same day last week.

One of them was a 77-year-old woman and the other was an 80-year-old.

Both incidents happened within around an hour of each other.

Supt Eddie Murphy said: “We keep receiving reports of elderly females having their purses stolen on market days, through pickpockets in the middle of the market.

“The most recent ones were stolen out of handbag.

“People can get lanyards to fasten their purses to their bags. Or people can make sure they bury their purses deep in their bags.”