Parents' 'lack of information' over Doncaster school 'terror' text

McAuley School
McAuley School

Parents say they have been told nothing of any investigations over a terror threat which was made to a Doncaster school.

It emerged this week that an American teenager had been under investigation by the FBI in America for posting a menacing social media message threatening youngsters at McAuley School, Cantley, in October 2016.

Corey Johnson

Corey Johnson

As recently as early March, the FBI was considering criminal charges against him. But the suspect, 17-year-old American Corey Johnson, was this week arrested as a suspect in the stabbing of three people, one of whom died, in Florida

The Palm Beach Post, in Florida, reported that a police report in the state had revealed that when Johnson was spoken to by the FBI he denied any affiliation with ISIS, and was told “to cease all social media activities related to ISIS and any other terrorist organization”; and to have no further contact with McAuley.

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One parent from the school, who did not want to be named, told the Free Press: "There was a real lack of information from the school and police.

"Most parents found out through their children via their phones - and we've not heard anything else since. Maybe a policy review is required."

Laura Kaye Kerry posted on the Free Press' Facebook page that the incident in 2016 was terrifying. She said: "Was told it was a "fake threat" by police and was ok to send our kids to school."

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Another parent Shanie Varley, described the development in America as "very unnerving".

McAuley School has been approached for a comment.

The Diocese of Hallam, which runs the Catholic Churches in South Yorkshire, declined to comment.

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