‘Obsessive’ man takes his own life

A FORMER warehouseman who had a fixation with touching corners was found hanged in his Doncaster home by his father, an inquest was told.

Robert Bowers James had developed an ‘obsessional compulsive neurosis’ in the 1990s, which manifested itself in him touching things continually, including his face. He also had a compulsion to touch the corners of the rooms, hundreds of times a day.

The 58-year-old died on or about January 10 at his home in Stonehill Rise, Scawthorpe, the court heard.

His father, also called Robert, of Pipering Lane, Scawthorpe, said his son used to visit him every Sunday. Unable to get hold of him after he failed to turn up, he visited his son’s home and discovered his son’s body. The court heard Mr James had suffered mental health issues previously.

Assistant coroner Mark Beresford recorded a verdict that Mr James killed himself.