Nightmare revisited

BRAVE Lindsey Moule faces the anniversary of her partner’s death, knowing she could yet meet his killer in the street.

On November 7 it will be four years since Peter Jolley’s sons Elliott, 10, and Regan, 6, were told their dad had died - from injuries sustained in an horrific head-on road smash caused by a driver high on heroin.

Peter’s partner of nine years, Lindsey, was in court to see Pakistani immigrant Raja Mohammed Anwar Khan jailed for six and a half years, and trusted that he would serve his time then be deported.

But his sentence was later slashed to five years, allowing him a much shorter prison term. His driving ban was also reduced to five years from eight.

He came out of prison earlier this year, but Lindsey’s worst nightmare came recently.

She was “shocked to the core” to be told that Khan won’t be deported, as she expected, following a second, successful appeal claiming his right to a family life in Britain. This was after the Home Office said that they intended to remove him from this country. And worse, Lindsey, 33, was told that Khan could be back to live in Rotherham, just a short distance away from Rawmarsh.

“I’m so angry”, said Lindsey from her Middle Avenue home this week. She has now been assured, she said, that Khan won’t be living locally - at least for the next three years.

“I saw that man all through court and I don’t ever want to see him again. I hate him and I can’t help it.

“He’s been allowed to stay in Britain because of his family, and is getting on with his life. But for me and my boys the pain won’t ever go. We were robbed of Pete and robbed of our future - so were his mum and dad, this wrecked so many lives.

“It’s so unfair.

“No justice has been done for Pete, and me and the boys. I don’t know where Khan is seems to know. But he has family at Sheffield and that’s not far....not far enough away”.

Since she lost Pete, she has had little contact from the authorities, said Lindsey. “When Khan had a year knocked off his sentence I was told by a local shopkeeper who had seen it in the paper”.

“We had no say in it. I’d like to do something about it all but now I I think what’s the point? It gets me down”.

Four years on, there are still constant reminders of her loss, she said: “For example, it’s parents’ evening coming up and I’ll be there on my own...Pete should be with me. And Elliott will soon be starting at the comprehensive. His dad should be here sharing in this. Elliott’s so like his dad - football mad”.

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