New dad begs for return of iPhone

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A HEARTBROKEN dad is offering a reward for the return of a stolen phone packed with photos of his newborn son.

Russ Kaye has put up a cash reward for the phone which was one of dozens snatched by thieves at a concert by indie rockers Kasabian at The Dome last week.

The Bentley dad, aged 33, said: “It really feels like a huge part of me is missing and I would do anything to get the phone returned.

“The phone has hundreds of photos on it and I’m prepared to pay a lot of money to get it back.

“They are photos that just can’t be replaced.”

The black iPhone 4, which contains snaps of son George, born in December, disappeared during last Tuesday’s show which saw a spate of similar thefts.

Russ said: “I felt someone with their arms around me during the concert and there was a lot of pushing and shoving.

“I went to check and saw my wallet on the floor. I realised my phone had gone and when I looked round, I saw a man holding it.

“I chased after him but couldn’t get through the crowds fast enough and I was absolutely inconsolable knowing I’d lost all my pictures of George.

“Even if they don’t want to give the phone back to me, if they could get the pictures to me some way than that would be better than nothing. There’s a lot of money available as a reward.”

Russ fears he was the victim or an organised gang targeting the concert to steal a string of expensive smartphones.

He added: “I heard the police had recovered lots of phones at the concert, but mine isn’t one of them.”

Officers are now trying to track down the owners of 23 other mobile phones stolen during the show after arresting two 17-year-olds on suspicion of theft.

n Anyone with information should contact police on 101. Anyone claiming their mobile will need their IMEI code – the phone’s unique reference number when calling.