More than 1,200 drivers caught speeding on road where Jasmyn Chan was killed

Friends of Jasmyn Chan pay their respects to her at Normanton Hill last year
Friends of Jasmyn Chan pay their respects to her at Normanton Hill last year

More than 1,200 people have been caught speeding at the spot where Sheffield teen Jasmyn Chan was killed, new figures have revealed.

The 14-year-old died last May as she pushed her friend out of the way of a speeding car on Normanton Hill, Intake.

Jasmyn Chan

Jasmyn Chan

Driver Naseeb Ellahi, who had been going double the 30mph speed limit, is now serving a seven-and-a-half year jail sentence for causing her death.

Since July, a total of 1,241 speeding drivers have been captured by mobile cameras going too fast on the 30mph road.

New figures provided to BBC Radio Sheffield come ahead of a final council decision on Thursday about the installation of a new road safety scheme on Normanton Hill.

In September, The Star revealed 471 drivers had been clocked speeding since July in just nine spot-checks.

It led to campaigners and councillors calling for motorists to respect the speed limit on the road - but the new figures show hundreds are still going over the limit.

Sandra Bradley, who helped collect more than 12,000 signatures for new safety measures on the road, said of the latest speeding figures: “I’m appalled and disgusted.

“But I have got a bird’s eye view of the road from my house so it isn’t a surprise.

“I see it constantly every day. Have drivers got such short memories?

“I just don’t know how we educate people and I get so cross about it.”

She said she hopes the new crossing will make a ‘huge difference’.

Work on the new £440,000 road safety scheme on the road is potentially due to start this summer.

Sheffield Council are planning a new signal-controlled crossing and works to be installed on Normanton Hill, at the entrance to Richmond Park.

The council agreed to create ‘Jazzy’s Crossing’ after a 12,751-strong petition was handed in and the meeting on Thursday is the final hurdle the plans must clear.

It is recommended the scheme is approved for design and implementation.

Simon Green, executive director of place for Sheffield Council, said: “The pedestrian crossing and associated works will contribute to an improvement in safety along Normanton Hill.

“The introduction of a pedestrian crossing should reduce the number and severity of collisions and reduce the fear of collisions.”

The cost of the council works was originally put at £250,000 but is now estimated to be £440,000, including future maintenance, a new access road to two homes and allotments plus the relocation of bus stops.