Man attacked with chisel in Mexborough

Mexborough street shots       SCHOFIELD STREET
Mexborough street shots SCHOFIELD STREET

It is the latest revelation in the ongoing problem of gangs in Mexborough and emerged in a public meeting in the town this week.

A resident told police they were scared over gang violence on their doorstep that has most recently led to a man being ‘stabbed in the neck with a chisel’.

Police are turning to new legal powers to try to deal with the issue in the area.

One Mexborough resident speaking at a Mexborough Partners and Communities’ Together meeting this week said that he and his wife often felt too afraid to walk out of their house, due to some of the instances of violence and anti-social behaviour they have seen taking place in the area.

He told the meeting: “Me and my wife moved from Edlington to Mexborough about 18 months ago because we thought it was a nicer and quieter area, but since this new PSB gang moved into Oliver Street there has been gang fights, more violence but now we’ve got these motorbikers where they don’t bother to wear head gear. We feel too scared to leave our house at night now.

“We also know there are new drugs coming into the area because those dealers let off fire bombs.

“A couple of weeks back one man was started on by three members of the gang, and he ended up getting stabbed in the back of the neck with a chisel. That was right outside in the street.

“The other day I heard a number of bangs, and outside Willow Drive a stolen 4x4 had been set alight and had spread, We also know that petrol bombs have been set on houses in Maple Road.

“Residents have just had enough.” Police say cracking down on gang-related criminality in Mexborough, is their ‘biggest priority’ for the area at the moment.

This comes after a flare-up in tensions between the PSB gang and rival group, Windhill Warriors, has seen petrol bombs, machetes, and baseball bats used on the streets of Mexborough over the past few months.

Inspector Richard Collingwood told the South Yorkshire Times that despite police cuts that will see the force attempt to save £59million by 2020 and could result in up to 1,500 job losses, resources are being concentrated on the Schofield Street, Oliver Street and the Windhill Estate where a lot of the criminal activity is believed to take place.

He said: “We’re putting most of our resources where they can best be used, and at the moment this is a key area for us. We’re putting police helicopters out and doing what we can to try and identify some of the people engaging in criminal activity as well as things like off road biking which is becoming a big problem.

“We need more residents to come forward and let us know what criminal activity is taking place and where. We’d like to have officers on every street corner, but we just don’t have the resources for that.