Isle’s World Cup fans warned...don’t drink and drive

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Don’t let fervour for the World Cup lead you in to drinking and driving, warn Humberside police.

As the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Brazil on June 12 to run until July 13, many people will head off to pubs to watch the games. But what about getting home from the pub, and having to drive the next day?

The Humberside Police annual drink drive campaign has launched with a clear message to people, to plan ahead and not drive with alcohol in your system.

A number of public houses have extended licences to broadcast World Cup late night games, including England’s first game which kicks off at 11pm. The temptation for people to drive home, or get in vehicles early the next day will be high. However, police will be out to target anyone who does this.

People who drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs not only put their own lives at risk, but place the lives of other roads users at risk too. Just by deciding to get in your car and drive, instead of using a taxi, or getting a lift to work the next day, could result in your life changing for ever.

PC Barry Gardner, who is leading on the drink drive campaign said: “The World Cup will no doubt increase the risk of people wanting to get behind the wheel, after consuming alcohol or while under the influence of drugs.

“We will target people throughout June and July. People need to be aware that it is not just the night that you drink alcohol that will affect you. The next day, you can be at just as much risk of being over the limit. It really does not matter how many cold showers you have, or how many cups of black coffee you drink. You could still not be legal to drive.”

He continued: “Officers will be out and about all across the Humberside force area, targeting those people we suspect may be under the influence of drink and/or drugs. Each year we get information from members of the public who report people suspected of drink driving. I would continue to ask people to do this. We cannot be in all places at once. However, once we have information we will be sure to act upon it.

“I will stress that those people who break the law by drink and/or drug driving, are in the minority and do not at all reflect the majority of people who use the region’s roads.”

To find out more about the drink drive campaign follow @humberbeatRoads on Twitter and use the #legal2drive

If you wish to report a suspected drink driver to police you can call Humberside Police tel 101 or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously tel 0800 555 111.