Isle police boss admits to second driving offence this year

Humberside Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Paul Robinson.
Humberside Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Paul Robinson.

Paul Robinson – Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside- today released the following statement in respect of his prosecution for a speeding offence;

“On the afternoon of Thursday September 19 I was at work and driving on the M180 in North Lincolnshire when I was stopped by a Humberside Police traffic officer who had registered my speed at 90mph. I admitted the offence and he reported me for prosecution. I have now received a fixed penalty notice carrying a £100 fine and three penalty points. I have paid the fine and sent my otherwise clean licence for endorsement.

“This is the second occasion this year when I have committed a driving offence. It is clear to me I need to give greater attention to my driving and the fine and penalty points will serve as a reminder to me that I have broken the law and been punished for it”.

Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove said; “Paul tells me he has admitted the offence and accepts the punishment he has been given. He has told me that he intends to drive with the utmost care in the future”