Isle cyclists urged to keep bikes secure

Humberside Police logo.
Humberside Police logo.

Police are urging Isle cyclists to keep their bikes out of the hands of thieves by making sure they are locked away securely.

Humberisde Police said thieves have been targeting cycles more frequently because more people have bought bikes since the Olympic Games last year.

Andy Robinson, a crime reduction officer, said: “Cycle theft is regrettably nothing new. Cycles offer potentially easy targets and a rapid means of escape – a combination that has been exploited by the criminal fraternity for many years.

“Sadly, the ‘Olympic effect’ on cycle crime has now raised the bar on golden opportunities for offenders who endeavour to avoid being for the long jump after marathon investigative efforts by the Police.

“The basics apply that if you lock your bike effectively, using quality (Sold Secure rated) locks, to an immovable object, then your bike will present less of an opportunity to a thief.

“A rule of thumb is that you should spend at least ten per cent of the bike’s value on a lock - aiming for a Sold Secure Gold standard if possible.

“The use of a ground anchor and target hardening of your shed or garage should also be considered to help deter criminals when your bike is stored.”