Head-butts end pair’s romance


A Doncaster man who beat up his teenage sweetheart asked a court to impose a restraining order on him so their broken relationship could not be resumed.

The 17-year-old assault victim, who cannot be identified, had been going out with her boyfriend since she was 14, a judge at Sheffield Crown Court was told.

The defendant, aged 19, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm and was given a suspended prison sentence.

Prosecutor Carl Fitch said the couple split up but got back together and, on March 11, she visited his home in Stainforth where they sat watching TV.

But things turned unpleasant when ‘he wished her to go upstairs with him but she wanted to watch TV’, said Mr Fitch.

She left but he followed her and asked her to come back to the house. When she declined he grabbed her and told her not to make a scene in the street.

“Then without warning he headbutted her twice in the face, causing her to feel dizzy. He then punched her once in the face.”

Because she feared being further assaulted she started walking back to his house, but the couple bumped into her aunt who called the police.

Defence counsel Edward Moss said his client had been on remand and had served the equivalent of a four-month prison sentence.

“It was a seriously unpleasant incident and he understands that and has shown genuine remorse. The relationship has now ended and he wants no further contact with her.

“She wrote him a letter while he was in prison and he did not even read it. He wants a restraining order because he has no intention of approaching her.”

The court sentenced him to eight months, suspended for two years, with 120 hours of unpaid work.