‘Happy slapping’ ambush on man

A MAN has been ambushed and beaten up in the latest in a series of “happy slapping” attacks in Rawmarsh.

The victim in his forties, was set on by a gang after he went to help a man who was lying on the ground, following a birthday party at a pub.

The Monkwood pub regular had just left the premises at Haugh Road, after a local woman’s 40th birthday party, to walk home with his wife and two other people, when the ambush happened

Landlord Paul Stobbart, 46, said: “He saw a youth lying on the floor and thought he might be hurt, so went to help him up.

“Next thing, a whole gang was on him, punching and kicking him. They had been into the party earlier, I believe, but they weren’t local – they were from Sheffield.”

Mr Stobbart, who has been at the pub 15 months, added: “This was an innocent man on his way home after an evening out. This has happened in Rosehill Park and other parts of Rawmarsh as well, I’ve been told.

“On this occasion, the bloke got a really bad beating, and there was no motive for it.

“It could just as easily have been me, going out to check for glasses at the end of the night. It’s the first trouble I’ve had since taking the pub on.”

Reports of similar attacks around Rawmarsh have prompted the headteacher at Rawmarsh Community School to issue cautionary warnings to pupils. A police spokeswoman confirmed they were aware of the incident.