Gang of 50 firework yobs leaves Doncaster kids terrified

Firework at a display
Firework at a display

A gang of firework-throwing yobs forced a terrified group for special needs children in Doncaster to abandon rehearsals for a theatre project.

Around 50 hooligans in hoodies gathered in the street on Shaftesbury Avenue, Intake, on Wednesday night as the group practised their production of Cinderella.

Chief executive of the Black Cat Theatre Group, Andrew Evans, said: “It was like a war zone.”

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Police were called out to Intake Library at 7pm to deal with the gang, who were in the street with the fireworks and reportedly throwing them at nearby high rise flats.

Mr Evans said the group were concerned that the library building could catch fire.

He said: “I have never seen anything like this in Doncaster, and I’m born and bred here.

“The gang seemed to be organised, and some of them went off to attack the flats.

“The police were fantastic and reassured us when the arrived.

“We had to shut the session down. The children were really shaken up.

“It was atrocious. The people who were involved should be ashamed of themselves when they think about what they did.

“When I told the police about it I told them it was like Afghanistan. There were fireworks going off left right and centre.”

A police spokesman said they received a number of calls in the Shaftesbury Avenue area from a number of different people between 7.20pm and 7.30pm. She said several officers were dispatched to the scene.

It was one of a number of incidents on the same night.

Police were also called after yobs started hurling fireworks near to a bus stop in Doncaster.

Officers were told that a group of around 20 youths had been congregating at the bus stop on Junction Road, Stainforth, when the fireworks were thrown, causing some buses to be diverted.

Other incidents were reported on facebook.

Abbey Houghton said teenagers were lighting fireworks and setting them off near pushchairs in Conisbrough.

Mandy Buckle said men in a car in Wheatley were throwing fireworks out of the windows at people.

She said: “The government needs to stop the sale of fireworks to shops and have display ones only.”