Follow Mad Friday tweets from the police

South Yorkshire Police logo.
South Yorkshire Police logo.

Residents can find out about all the Mad Friday mayhem as the police tweet about all incidents attended today.

At this time of year, police often see an increase in demand from the public because on occasion some people take their celebrations to an extreme.

Between 12noon and 12midnight today the four Yorkshire and Humberside Police forces will be tweeting details of incidents that are reported to them to help local residents understand the variety and quantity of calls that we deal with at this time of year, and its response.

To view the live South Yorkshire Police ‘Merry Tweetmas’ Twitterthon feed showing all thecalls that come in from across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield visit SYP’s website: or alternatively follow #SYtweetmas on Twitter.

The Friday before Christmas is traditionally one of the Force’s busiest days of the year for alcohol related antisocial behaviour and violent crime.

South Yorkshire Police Superintendent Peter Norman said: “On Friday, 20 December, many firms and businesses close early for the Christmas holiday to begin in earnest. This often results in SYP having one of its busiest days of the year in terms of drunken, antisocial behaviour and violence.

“This day is traditionally called ‘Mad Friday’ due to the large increase in calls for assistance to the Police. Through Twitter we will be showing the public the details and number of incidents we attend. I think they will be amazed at the scale and variety of calls our officers deal with to keep communities safe and secure.

“Unfortunately, experience shows that on Mad Friday some people will finish work early, head off to the pub, drink too much alcohol, too quickly.

“Combined with the excitement of the festive period they end up behaving completely out of character. Some will be ill, some will be injured and some will be arrested. Alcohol affects everyone differently. Young people in particular are very vulnerable in terms of drinking too much alcohol at this time of the year.

“If officers are called to people who are aggressive, drunk and disorderly, or committing drunken anti-social behaviour they will be arrested.

“Our message to everyone going out drinking on ‘Mad Friday’ and especially to parents of teenagers, is organise transport home before going out, look after your friends to make sure they are safe, and don’t drink too much alcohol too quickly. Don’t be tempted to drink and drive, instead book a taxi or organise a lift home.”