Family want answers as ‘bubbly’ daughter dies after a night out

Sade Russell who died this year at the age of 21. Pictured in her rugby shirt aged 13
Sade Russell who died this year at the age of 21. Pictured in her rugby shirt aged 13

SHATTERED parents of a South Yorkshire girl who died suddenly after a night out have spoken of their heartache - and their need for answers before they can rebuild their lives.

Sade Russell, aged 21, collapsed after staggering in just her dressing gown into a Salvation Army centre close to the home she shared with her parents on Addison Square, Dinnington.

She was taken home, and was talking and conscious when she went to bed - but when her family checked on her a short time later she had died.

Her mum Michelle, 44, and dad Wayne, 48, say they have been left in turmoil waiting for the results of police and medical inquiries to offer them an explanation for the tragedy.

The results are expected to be revealed during a resumed inquest into Sade’s death once police conclude their investigation - which has so far led to the arrests of two local men, aged 53 and 33, who were bailed after being quizzed.

Wayne said he was struggling to cope with not knowing what happened to his daughter.

“Life is too quiet without her,” he told The Star. “All we have left of her now are our pictures, so they are everywhere, all over the house.

“My last memory of her is me trying to give her first aid and breathing for her.”

Sade’s mum Michelle, who works in a chip shop, added: “Sade was bubbly, loud, and used to light up the house.

“She always said, ‘Live life to the full’, and she certainly did that.

“She was never down, always up, and life will never be the same without her.”

During the opening of an inquest into Sade’s death it emerged one line of inquiry being followed up by police is that the former Wales High School pupil may have taken drugs before she died.

But Michelle said not knowing exactly what caused her daughter’s death, after a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday, made it impossible to move on.

“We are still waiting for answers from the police and for the results of all the tests they carried out,” she said.

“It is not the end of the chapter for us yet because we can’t begin to come to terms with it until we know what happened.”

Wayne said the family had been touched by the numbers of friends who came forward to pay tribute to Sade after her death.

“We knew she was popular but not as much until she died,” he said.

“Our garden was covered in flowers left by people for her, and the church where we had her funeral did not have enough room for everybody who wanted to come. She was well loved.”

Sade’s family staged a fun day and sponsored walk in her memory, which raised over £400. They have donated the money to the Salvation Army in Dinnington which tried to help their daughter. As a youngster Sade also used to attend youth group sessions at the charity’s base on Leicester Road, Dinnington.

“We want to thank all the businesses who donated,” said Michelle. “We wanted to give something back to the Salvation Army for all the support we have had since this happened.”

Salvation Army volunteer Richard Waring said: “Everyone knew Sade - she was the life and soul of the party. She used to go to children’s clubs and youth clubs and she was always so positive, never negative. I remember her as always singing and being full of life.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Forensic tests have now been completed and we are liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service about how this investigation will go forward.

“Two men arrested shortly after Sade’s death remain on bail and enquiries are continuing.”