Family jailed for plot to sneak drugs into prison

Courts: Latest from the region's courts.
Courts: Latest from the region's courts.

FOUR members of the same Sheffield family involved in a plot to smuggle drugs into a South Yorkshire prison are today behind bars themselves.

Faine Bayliss, aged 27, ‘orchestrated’ the operation from his cell at Lindholme Prison, Doncaster, where he was serving two-and-a-half years for crashing a stolen motorbike which left a friend dead on Hawke Street, Carbrook, Sheffield, in 2009.

Bayliss arranged for his mother Norma Bayliss, 46, from Wincobank, brother Kyle, 25, and long-term partner Candice Ball, 26, the mother of his child, to smuggle drugs inside. They sent seven ‘greetings cards’ to various inmates, whose names Faine Bayliss provided.

When suspicions were aroused, phone calls made by Faine were monitored by the authorities - and he was heard making arrangements with his mum and girlfriend.

He told them to mask the smell of drugs by spraying them with perfume.

One of the cards was found to contain Class B cannabis and the others Class C Subutex, used by addicts to wean them off drugs.

Kyle’s fingerprints were found on three of the cards.

Robert Sandford, prosecuting, said: “The value of the drugs on the street would be £31 but the value inside prison is significantly higher - in the order of £150 to £300.

“But the aggravating factor is the presence of drugs inside a prison, which undermines good order.”

The authorities monitored calls between Faine Bayliss, Candice Ball and Norma Bayliss between November 2011 and January 2012.

Sixteen calls - 11 to Mrs Bayliss and five to Miss Ball - contained reference to drugs.

The four family members initially denied all knowledge of drug smuggling when quizzed by police but Faine, his girlfriend and mother later admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis and Subutex. Brother Kyle admitted involvement in the supply of Subutex only.

Judge Robert Moore jailed Faine for 30 months, Ball for 16, and his mum and brother for 10 months each at Sheffield Crown Court. “People who run drugs into prisons on their person or through the post will face immediate custody,” he said.