Ex-prisoners in hair salon

Women released from prison are being trained at a hair and beauty salon in Sheffield to prevent them re-offending.

The hope is that they will gain qualifications and practical experience to help them find jobs despite their criminal records.

Sheffield-based charity Key Changes, which helps women from South Yorkshire re-settle in the community at the end of their prison sentences, runs the What Women Want hair and beauty salon on Elm Lane, Sheffield Lane Top.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings visited the salon to find out about the project, which aims to prevent women from returning to lives of crime when they complete their sentences.

He said: “Key Changes are unique in their approach. They help women gain confidence and train in a profession that will provide them future employment.

“I have heard how the organisation provides life-skills, mentoring and training to allow former offenders to earn their own money, make friends and find their way back into the community.

“I wish them all the best for their future plans and welcome their commitment and innovative ideas.”

Michelle Nicholson, Managing Director of Key Changes, said: “I would like to thank Dr Billings for taking the time to come and visit the training salon and mentoring services.

“Here at Key Changes, we are constantly looking for innovative ways of helping women released from the criminal justice system, better themselves, gain employment and find their own confidence.”

To find out more about Key Changes and the charity’s beauty salon call 0114 245 8600 or visit www.whatwomenwanthairbeauty.co.uk