Ex-bouncer used moves on his ex

Sheffield Crown Court 04/07/13
Sheffield Crown Court 04/07/13

A former bouncer told a court he had no intention of injuring his estranged girlfriend when he used manoeuvres from his training on her.

Construction manager and former doorman Jamie Hill, aged 37, said he grabbed Julie Desouza’s arms and pinned them to her back before pushing her onto a bed ‘in self-defence’.

The incident took place in February 2009 at the home the couple shared in Thurcroft, Rotherham.

A jury heard Miss Desouza, 48, spent five weeks in Rotherham Hospital after suffering a fractured vertebrae.

Giving evidence, she described Hill as ‘violent and controlling’ and said she was too frightened to make a formal complaint.

Hill, who denies inflicting grievous bodily harm on his ex-partner, took to the witness box for the defence in day two of the trial.

He said he had just returned home from a shift at Flares nightclub in Holly Street, Sheffield city centre, when the pair – who had split up but continued to live together – began to bicker.

Hill said: “I went to bed and about five or 10 minutes later my door burst open and she was stood there shouting at me and being aggressive.

“She dug her nails into my forearms so I pulled her hands apart so she was no longer a threat, like I was taught in my training. I grabbed her wrists and put them on the base of her back.

“I still had her and went to pick up some clothes and at the same time I pushed her onto the bed.”

Miss Desouza asked Hill to call an ambulance after hearing a crack, but he refused.

The defendant said: “I didn’t think she was serious. I work closely with paramedics on the door and see a lot of time-wasting.”

Miss Desouza alleges Hill, of Hackenthorpe, grabbed her waist and ‘slam dunked’ her onto the bed.

The jury is expected to reach a verdict today.