Doncaster’s St John’s Hospice damaged in burglary

RDaSH Security Advisor Bob Marrison next to the smashed window at St John's Hospice
RDaSH Security Advisor Bob Marrison next to the smashed window at St John's Hospice

Thieves have caused hundreds of pounds’ worth of damage with an attack on one of Doncaster’s St John’s Hospice.

Criminals broke into the chapel at the site, which is on Weston Road, Balby, in a night-time attack on the premises.

It is currently being redeveloped to make facilities better for the hospice’s seriously-ill users, who use its services for care before they die.

Police have revealed they were called out to the hospice on Wednesday morning after staff at the site had discovered a stained glass window had been smashed.

The vandals had then gone inside the building and stolen items from inside the premises.

They had also taken lead which had been used in the construction of the stained glass window at the chapel.

Police Supt Eddie Murphy said he was surprised people would stoop so low as to burgle the hospice, which is funded by the Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust.

The hospice is one of the borough’s best known charities, running a number of high-profile events in the borough every year.

A spokesman for Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the hospice, said: “We can confirm there was a break-in at St John’s Hospice chapel on Wednesday, August 13.

“Thieves broke the external stained glass window and took a number of tools belonging to contractors who are refurbishing the hospice as part of its £1.8 million redevelopment.

“We are working with South Yorkshire Police to catch the perpetrator of this incident.”

St John’s Hospice in Balby has for over 21 years been looking after people at the end of their lives, and it needs a complete refurbishment to update its facilities for people at the end of their lives and their families.

Last year it launched an appeal to raise cash to carry out the work.

The cost of the work will be £1.8 million but bosses have already found £1.3m, leaving them with £500,000 to raise from the St John’s Hospice Development Appeal.